Welcome to the developing home of cellPACK.
This site is under development with a target useable date of January 19, 2015. 
You may watch us evolve or visit the old site at autopack.org
The old site is chock full of information, but a bit tough to navigate, so please check back here in mid-December.

Explore existing community models here next week via images, recipe spreadsheets, webGL 3D viewers for your browser or by loading result files into uPy-supported 3D animation software or UCSF Chimera.

Until this page is further developed, you can browse a hodgepodge of models at http://www.autopack.org/cellpack-recipes, see some experimental viewers at http://www.autopack.org/gallery/autofill-viewers, and some unsorted images at http://www.autopack.org/gallery