Highlights from the database:
Example visualizations produced from cellPACK models.
HIV 0.1.6

Synaptic Vesicle 0.1.1

Synaptic Vesicle 0.1.1 applied to 100 nm cube of vesicles isolated from a tomogram.

Images for public use:
Images of cellPACK models for use in non-profit educational purposes will be available here soon.

Coming Soon: The subpages of this USE tab will soon offer easy to use Online, Mobile, and uPy interfaces. An old version of the uPy software is currently available as described below.

Subpage Listing

Online: The online cellPACK Viewer will support...
Mobile: The mobile cellPACK Viewer will support...
uPy: plugins that run cellPACK inside of professional 3D animation software packages enable viewing, recipe modification and model construction directly inside of Cinema 4D, Maya, Blender, and 3D Studio Max.
Try Chimera Viewer: On December 19, 2014 you can download the latest Chimera Daily Build from [here] (cellPACK requires Chimera 1.10.1 or newer). To explore a model in Cimera's viewport, click in the menu File>FetchByID... [√]cellPACK (older versions may say autoPACK) and paste the name (blue) of a recipe from the following list into the box on the right, then click the [Fetch] button. 
HIV-1_0.1.6_6 -this model is almost ready to roll. Please give it a try. Apologies to users who could not load HIV-1_0.1.6_5 last week.  The version of Chimera released on Tuesday January 20 should fix one remaining issue of one copy of each ingredient's representation remaining unrotated. A finished version and all other models will be available on Jan 19, 2015 and the list of available models will be updated here.
Click Favorites>ModelPanel to turn items on and off.   We are working to add recipe analysis and building capabilities in the coming weeks. More details will follow in the coming weeks as well as a list of improvements to the rapidly evolving Chimera cellPACK viewer. This tutorial is demonstrated in a video posted on the LEARN tab.
Try uPy GUIs: By December 19, 2014 the USE sub tabs will allow you to explore data that goes into several available recipes (e.g. HIV, Blood Plasma, Synaptic Vesicles, etc.). These temporary View pages will also display background information, images, and 3D models output by cellPACK. The deeper functionalities of cellPACK are currently a bit trickier to use and require some effort to install and learn.  We are working on a user-friendly online and mobile interfaces for constructing recipes and for viewing, analyzing, and building models. Until that is available, the intrepid can use cellPACK from within 3D animation software via our free cellPACK uPy interface plugins– install here.

Temporary recipe interaction:
This is a prototype section to display information about each recipe as well as images and 3D viewers from some of the models produced by cellPACK. It will soon be replaced by a full online interface that will enable intuitive viewing, packing, analyzing, critiquing, editing, and sharing of community recipes, along with educational information useful for audiences ranging from elementary school children to cutting edge researchers.
This is our first available online 3D viewer provided by Autodesk. The autodesk360 system uses instancing to quickly and efficiently display the 20,000+ molecular surfaces directly in your web browser using webGL. This is a prototype version that we will update periodically through April and May. Begin by zooming out and then experiment with the toolbar to explore the model:

HIV-1 v0.1.6 presented with autodesk360

Temporary display of online recipes

Welcome to the developing home of cellPACK.
This site is under development with a target useable date of January 19, 2015. 
You may watch us evolve or visit the old site at autopack.org
The old site is chock full of information, but a bit tough to navigate, so please check back here in mid-December.

 (ToDo: note difference between recipe modification and model construction on both the recipe build level and the ingredient structure level)