1. Using UCSF Chimera to view cellPACK models:
On December 19, 2014 you can download the latest Chimera Daily Build from [here] (cellPACK requires Chimera 1.10.1 or newer). To explore a model in Cimera's viewport, click in the menu File>FetchByID... [√]cellPACK (older versions may say autoPACK) and paste the name (blue) of a recipe from the following list into the box on the right, then click the [Fetch] button. 
HIV-1_0.1.6_5 -this model is being used to fix a uPy-to-cellPACK rotation issue. A finished version and all other models will be available on Jan 10, 2015.
Click Favorites>ModelPanel to turn items on and off.   We are working to add recipe analysis and building capabilities in the coming weeks. More details will follow in the coming weeks as well as a list of improvements to the rapidly evolving Chimera cellPACK viewer.
Here is a video demonstrating this process:

Welcome to the developing home of cellPACK.
This site is under development with a target useable date of January 19, 2015. 
You may watch us evolve or visit the old site at autopack.org
The old site is chock full of information, but a bit tough to navigate, so please check back here in mid-December.

A reference manual, a shorter quick start manual, and tutorials will be reorganized and presented here.  For now you can find a broad, but poorly organized collection of tutorials linked from the installation page of autoPACK: e.g. for C4D on a Mac http://www.autopack.org/install/cinema-4d-installation or on the tutorials page.